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In-Store Promotions

We carry out multiple indoor and outdoor events, placing our clients’ products in front of qualified consumers and the correct demographic.

In-Person Campaigns

Rather than impersonal digital advertisements, our direct approach delivers ‘the personal touch’ much needed for your brand.

Face-to-Face Solutions

This is not your typical sales process. Our ability to bring a professionalism and honesty has left a good impression on our clients, partners and customers.


We acquire quality customer by personalizing the consumer experience and finding the most appealing ways to present your product or service.

In today’s internet and social media age, people may be more inclined to shop and interact at the click of a button.

Yet, no matter how much we integrate technology in our lives, we still will spend part of our days—and part of our shopping and business experiences—interacting with people in the physical world.

As long as the personal dimension remains in our shopping and our work, there will also be opportunities for marketers to step outside the figurative box and interact with their customers in person.

Our clients.

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