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Making Waves in Raleigh.

SkyBlue  is a premier marketing agency located in one of the fastest growing cities in North Carolina: Raleigh. Our experience in representing some of the top clients and ability to connect face to face with our target audience has created a unique touch that would be impossible through other marketing companies. We develop unique campaigns, designed specifically for the target audience projected. Our client chooses us instead of their internal marketing team because of the advantages we provide.

Where we've been and where we are headed to...

SkyBlue has its roots in the vibrant city of Miami working alongside some incredible clients. Over the last few years, we’ve had the opportunity to expand to multiple markets, including Berkeley, Portland, Dallas, Charleston, Hyattsville, Houston, Milwaukee, and Raleigh.

Our goal is to add six new markets to our coverage by the end of 2024: South Jersey, Richmond, Wilmington, Philadelphia, Boston, and Seattle.

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